Pharmadus Pharmadus


Pharmadus laboratories have been offering healthy 100% natural herbal teas for more than 50 years, uniting tradition and technology; researching, innovating and creating new products. In short, they have been a benchmark within the sector for more than half a century.

Pharmadus, whose full company name is Procesos Farmacéuticos Industriales, is the first pharmaceutical laboratory in Spain for medicinal plant based herbal teas. It is also the first company to be authorised, by the Spanish Ministry of Health, as a pharmaceutical laboratory that manufactures medicinal herbal teas. It complies with the European standards regarding medicinal plants and also with the Royal Decree on Medicinal Products for Human Use. Pharmadus also complies with the Ministry of Health's standards on Good Manufacturing Practise for Medicinal Products, allowing the company to distribute its products to Spanish pharmacies, which in itself is a guarantee of quality. This standard demands the same conditions, when validating high product quality, for both medicinal plant based product manufacturers and for those manufacturing chemical medical consumables; such as the use of valid analyses and continuous stability studies. There is no doubt that Pharmadus Laboratories is a guarantee of quality and natural health.