Pharmadus Botanicals selects its suppliers at source to have only the best plants, and constantly monitors its products with quality audits. We only use organic herbs that meet our standards for high quality.


Products guaranteed
by the most stringent regulations:

  • Hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP)
  • European regulation on medicinal plants (GMPs)
  • IFS Food Certification
  • Person qualified for preventive controls (PCQI) as a requirement to be able to export to the US
  • FAIRTRADE Certification
  • Organic Certification
  • Corporate Civil Liability Certification (Autocontrol)

Our experts take care of
all parts of the process

  • Market trends about herbal plants
  • Creation blends for customers
  • Selection of high-level producers
  • Supervision and monitoring of the manufacturing process
  • Product and packaging design and labelling
  • Legislation and implementing rules
  • Quality standards and regulations