Wellness teas

“The art and science of creating Premium functional teas”

Picture yourself carefully holding a fragrant cup of hot tea. Curling ribbons of steam finding their way to your nose. Now imagine that same cup of tea can help you breathe, digest, and rest at any time of day. Helps Teas is excited to share their line of great tasting, functional teas that will soothe and satisfy in equal measure.

Luxury teas

“Nature’s essence in a cup of tea”

Signature Collection. It is a ritual that involves three worlds: the art of infusing, Spanish culture and Arabic tradition through the delicate aromas of our teas and saffron’s flower natural fragrance.

Holistic teas

“Balance is not something you find, it´s something you create”

Helps Balance. Ayurveda translates to “science or knowledge of life”. It was recognized by the WHO as a Traditional Medicine in its resolution WHA 44.34 of 1991.
It is, in fact, a lifestyle which promotes and shows how to keep and/or restore the balance mind-body through diet, physical activity, mental harmony and spiritual development.

Food Service

“Taste of excellence”

A collection of Premium infusions for the clients, created from the heritage, quality and expertise of La Tetera Azul (The Blue Teapot).

We are your reference partner, understanding your business, providing value, creating experiences through infusions, selecting our suppliers at source, carefully controlling our botanists from roots to flowers, natural and organic.


“The ultimate tea experience”

All our teas and infusions have been carefully selected to include the best botanists in the world in our “Premium Herbal Teas” menu. A wide range of teas and infusions to wrap you with delicate aromas and flavours.


“The power of Nature”

Steeped in tradition, the Escudero family has been providing wellbeing to our customers for over 50 years. Thanks to our state-of-the-art herbal research center, the ingredients we use are of the finest quality and flavor — making Manasul delicious, comforting and everyone’s cup of tea.



Are you looking for a refreshing drink, 100% natural, ecological and with low sugar content? Helps Kombucha originates after a fermentation process that transforms tea into a totally natural drink, with a wide range of organic acids, antioxidant vitamins and minerals. You'll find it in four delicious flavors: Blueberry Charm, Mandarin Breeze, Mint Whisper, and Ginger Lemon.