to the people
with nature"

This love story begins in 1965, in Ponferrada. There, in this spot surrounded by Nature and situated in the region of Bierzo, lived the Escudero family.

There begins “Infusiones La Leonesa”, an artisan workshop that later would become an industrial facility and always with a clear aim: to take care of people’s health through the infusions.

The first product that came out of this new factory was Manasul: an exclusive and effective formula for weight control and constipation. Manasul reached the cups of millions of homes all around the world. It was so successful that the company changed its name and was renamed "Manasul Internacional".

It was the first Spanish multinational in medicinal plants, with headquarters in Switzerland, Korea, Chile and the United States.

The youngest of the Escudero family became older and after acquiring training in the world of plants and in the business world, they wanted to start a new Project… without forgetting all what they had learnt from their parents: their love and dedication for plants and their commitment to people’s health through research and technology.

This new company is called PHARMADUS  Botanicals and was born in 2006.

Our facilities are located in Camponaraya, in the province of León.

We comply with the most demanding European regulations for the development and elaboration of products based on infused plants.

The facilities and processes have been designed to take special care of the product, with the highest standards of Food Safety: controlled atmospheres, pharmaceutical clean rooms, pressurized SAS, our own microbiological and physico-chemical laboratory (determination of active principles, control of pesticides, pollutants and heavy metals.)

In each cup there is a great effort in innovation and technological development, a careful selection of the raw material, strict quality controls and a lot of love.

But undoubtedly, the best of Pharmadus, what brings true value are the PEOPLE: the team of great professionals and collaborators with whom we build the PROJECT PHARMADUS every day. Their knowledge and passion make us unique.