Botanical ABC

Our mission is to work toward becoming the most innovative herbal research centre,
growing our passion for learning.

Aythentic passion
for plants

Bring together ancestral knowledge with the modern scientific studies and the most advanced control techniques.


Botanist for vocation

Develop honest, reliable and naturally authentic products.



Share knowledge, experiences and emotions because “what is important is not what you know, it is what you share”.



Respect for our values

  • We are a ecosystem in which we share knowledge and experiences with all those who are interested in leading a healthy life. The collaborative culture creates trust.
  • We are a permeable company. We learn how to incorporate the collective intelligence in our organization. We listen, we observe and we seek to understand the environment around our customers.
  • We are a company that explores and is surrounded by a creative team, which is capable of unlearning in order to learning again.
  • We had learned from the failure.
  • We are a honest, transparent and sincere company.
  • We seek authenticity, quality, safety and effectiveness in what we do.
  • We think that business and the social involvement and inseparable aspects: we want to contribute value to society and promote healthy life.
  • We are committed with our environment through our international expansion.
  • We want to write a new story every day with our customers.
  • We share experiences and each one choose and live his or her life.
  • We transmit emotions and feelings for learning and we learn to adapt and change.